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"The dead may not be able to stop you. The living seem unable to as well. ... But I will not let you continue. I will end your journey." ― Purple Mage

Purple Mage, also known as Purple, is a character in Everhood. They serve Gold Pig and try to stop Red from reaching them.



Purple Mage is a tall character dressed in a purple robe and a purple pointed hat. Their face is hidden by their attire, with only visible white dots for eyes. Purple Mage appears to be magically hovering above the ground rather than standing.


Purple Mage is always calm and composed. They do not have any feelings of anger, friendship, or resentment towards Red. They only fight Red out of their obligation to serve Gold Pig and in order to protect themselves.


Purple Mage is fought while traversing through Gold Pig's Temple and again at Cursed Castle's mirror room after obtaining the arm. Dodging all attacks in either fight will unlock the "No Hit Purple Mage" achievement.

The fight against Purple Mage is fairly standard, but it has a special gimmick. Whenever Red gets hit, Purple Mage will rewind their attacks a bit with their magic, forcing them to repeat the section. Hence, it is especially punishing to get hit in this battle.


Purple Mage is usually seen near Gold Pig. They first appear in the V.I.P Room of the Dance Club, though they remain silent. In Gold Pig's Temple, they resurrect Zob The Zombie and Rob the Former World Champion to stop Red from progressing further. When Red defeats both, Purple Mage will try to stop the player themselves.

After retrieving Red's right arm, Purple Mage can be found in the room of Cursed Castle containing the Mirror Of Truth. There, they can be killed, though they will fight back.

During the Normal ending, it is revealed that Purple Mage was once a poor, powerless being, but Gold Pig promised to give them power in exchange for servitude. Purple Mage accepted the deal and became powerful, but could never be free. In the end, they agreed to serve Gold Pig just to feel important.


  • Purple Mage breaks the fourth wall

    Purple Mage breaks the fourth wall in the conversation before their second fight, directly speaking to the player to tell them to refund the game.


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  1. 160 HP (Story Mode) in Version 1.0
    200 HP (Easy) in Version 1.0
    300 HP (Normal) in Version 1.0
    450 HP (Hard) in Version 1.0
    600 HP (Expert/Insane) in Version 1.0